Category: Infections (bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral)

Cutaneous Protothecosis as an Unusual Complication Following Dermal Filler Injection: A Case Report

 J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2019;12(12):13–16 by Khaled El Hoshy, MD, FAAD; Mona R. E. Abdel-Halim, MD; Eman El-Nabarawy, MD; and Suzan Shalaby, MD Drs. El Hoshy, Abdel-Halim, El-Nabarawy, and Shalaby are with the Dermatology Department at Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt. FUNDING: No funding was provided for this study. DISCLOSURES: The authors have no conflicts


Lucio Phenomenon: A Rare Presentation of Hansen’s Disease

J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2019;12(12):35–38 by Priyanka Sharma, MD; Anand Kumar, MD; Ankita Tuknayat, MBBS; Gurvinder P. Thami, MD; and Ritu Kundu, MD Drs. Sharma, Kumar, and Thami are with the Department of Dermatology at the Government Medical College and Hospital in Chandigarh, India. Dr. Tuknayat is with the Government Medical College and Hospital in


Green Nail Infection by Stenotrophomonas Maltophila

Dear Editor: Stenotrophomonas maltophila (S. maltophila) is a Gram-negative bacterium present in most aquatic and humid environments and in soil and plants. This free-living organism exhibits a high degree of resistance to antibiotics and usually goes undetected in routine cultures. S. maltophila is responsible for a range of infections, including respiratory tract infections, bacteremia, endocarditis,