Launched in May 2008, The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology (JCAD) is a monthly peer-reviewed publication for practicing dermatologists published by Matrix Medical Communications in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

As both clinical and aesthetic dermatological procedures are becoming more prevalent in the United States and abroad, today’s dermatologist needs to stay informed on numerous topics related to the field. Patients are becoming more knowledgeable through direct-to-consumer advertising, the internet, and facets within the specialty. This is where JCAD comes in, providing pertinent information on vastly desirable topics from highly influential and respected leaders in dermatology.

JCAD has already become an important addition to the field of dermatology. Under the expert editorial leadership of James Del Rosso, DO, and Philip Werschler, MD, JCAD provides dermatologists with up-to-date, evidence-based information that can be applied to their daily practices.

JCAD offers its readers original research, practical discussion on the latest research, comprehensive review, didactic case reports. and provocative commentaries on contemporary topics relating to both clinical and aesthetic dermatology, written by key opinion leaders as well as practicing clinicians who are “in the trenches”, providing vital balance to the research-rich literature that is already available.

JCAD is the foundation of the multimedia platform from which Matrix Medical Communications provides information to the dermatological community. Given the practice settings and the special interests of more than 14,000 US-based dermatologists, dermatology residents, and dermatology physician assistants, our goal is to provide information in print and online.


Managing Editor
Julia E. Eckert

Managing Editor, NP+PA Perspectives in Dermatology
Austin K. Vitelli

Associate Editor
Amanda B. Tolvaisa

Associate Editor
Gannon R. Vitelli

Assistant Editor
Diana Dopheide


Joseph Scullin

Emily A. Scullin

Senior Vice President
Joseph J. Morris

Patrick D. Scullin

Chief Medical Officer
Giselle J. Geddes, MD

E. Patrick Scullin

Associate Director of Business Development
Shannon Gillespie

Associate Director of Business Development
Courtney McKinney

Associate Director of Business Development
Morgan Rinnier

Project Manager
Kim Hooven


EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Clinical Dermatology
James Q. Del Rosso, DO, FAOCD
Lakes Dermatology and Del Rosso Dermatology Research Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Aesthetic Dermatology
W. Philip Werschler, MD, FAAD, FAACS
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine/Dermatology
University of Washington School of Medicine
Seattle, Washington

Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, Texas


Glynis Ablon, MD
Manhattan Beach, CA

Andrew F. Alexis, MD
New York, NY

Rina A. Anvekar, MD
New York, NY

Mark A. Bechtel, MD
Columbus, OH

Jacob Beer, MD
Miami, FL

Kenneth R. Beer, MD
West Palm Beach, FL

Brian Berman, MD, PhD
Miami, FL

Diane S. Berson, MD
New York, NY

Sanjay Bhambri, DO
Frisco, TX

Neal D. Bhatia, MD
San Diego, CA

Elizabeth M. Billingsley, MD
Hershey, PA

Whitney Bowe, MD
New York, NY

Richard Brandt, PhD, PA-C
Arlington, TX

Robert L. Buka, MD, JD
New York, NY

Valerie Callender, MD
Glenn Dale, MD

Jennifer C. Cather, MD
Dallas, TX

Roger I. Ceiley, MD
Iowa City, IA

Raj Chovatiya, MD, PhD
Chicago, Illinois

LLoyd J. Cleaver, DO
Kirksville, MO

Joel L. Cohen, MD
Bellaire, TX

Danielle M. Dehoratius, MD
Bryn Mawr, PA

Cherie M. Ditre, MD
Philadelphia, PA

Zoe D. Draelos, MD
High Point, NC

Joseph S. Eastern, MD
Bellville, NJ

Lawrence Eichenfield, MD
San Diego, CA

Patricai K. Farris, MD
Metaire, LA

Amy Forman Taub, MD
Lincolnshire, IL

Richard G. Fried, MD, PhD
Yardley, PA

Kathryn Boyse Gant, MD
Columbus, OH

Dee Anna Glaser, MD
St. Louis, MO

Brad P. Glick, DO
Miami, FL

Michael H. Gold, MD
Nashville, TN

Gary Goldenberg, MD
New York, NY

Lawrence J. Green, MD
Rockville, MD

Steven K. Grekin, DO
Bloomfield Holls, MI

Pearl E. Grimes, MD
Los Angeles, CA

Adelaide A. Hebert, MD
Houston, TX

Warren Heymann, MD
Marlton, NJ

Firas George Hougelr, MD
Atlanta, GA

Shasa Hu, MD

Miami, FL
Jeffrey P. Hurley, MD
West Chester, PA

Sherrif F. Ibrahim, MD, PhD
Rochester, NY

Mark D. Kaufmann, MD
New York, NY

Brian R. Keegan, MD, PhD
East Windsor, NJ

Jonette E. Keri, MD, PhD
Miami, FL

Grace K. Kim, DO
Las Vegas, NV

Susum Kim, DO
Las Vegas, NV

William Kirby, DO
Beverly Hills, CA

Leon H. Kircik, MD
Louisville, KY

Robert Kirsner, MD
Miami, FL

Andrew C. Krakowski, MD
West Conshohocken, PA

Mark A. Kurlata, DO
SaintJoseph, MI

Mark G. Lebwohl, MD
New York, NY

Jacquelyn Levin, DO
Largo, FL

Mary P. Lupi, MD
New Orleans, LA

Orit Markowitz, MD
New York, NY

Ellen Marmur, MD
New York, NY

George Martin, MD
Kihel, HI

Morgan McCarty, DO
Georgetown, TX

Amy J. McMichael, MD
Winston Salem, NC

Brent Michaels, DO
Las Vegas, NV

Susan Michaels, DO
Las Vegas, NV

Vineet Mishra, MD
San Antonio, TX

Saira Momin, DO
Dallas, TX

Gary D. Monheit.,MD
Birmingham, AL

Christen M. Mowad, MD
Danville, PA

Mark S. Nestor, MD, PhD
Miami, FL

Khank Nguyen, MD
Houston, TX

Harrison Nguyen, , MD, MBA, MPH
Houston, TX

Edit Olasz, MD, PhD
Houston, TX

Carmelo A. Platerotl, DO
Madison, AL

Albert E. Rivera, DO
Philadelphia, PA

Joel Schlessinger, MD
Omaha, NE

Todd E. Schlesinger, MD
Charleston, SC

Sejal K. Shah, MD
New York, NY

Ava T. Shamban, MD
Santa Monica, CA

Kanade Shinkai, MD, PhD
San Francisco, CA

Candace T. Spann, MD
Las Vegas, NV

James M. Spencer, MD, MS
St. Petersburg, FL

Linda Stein-Gold, MD
Detroit, MI

Jeffrey M. Suchniak, MD
Rocky Mount, NC

Abel Torres, MD
Loma Linda, CA

Antonelle Tostl, MD
Miami, FL

Stephen K. Tyring, MD, PhD
Houston, TX

Janet Vafaie, MD
Los Angeles, CA

Guy F. Webster, MD
New York, NY

Jeffrey M. Weinberg, MD
New York, NY

Susan H. Weinkle, MD
Branderton, FL

John A. Zic, MD
Nashville, TN

Matthew J. Zirwas, MD
Columbus, OH

Jorge G. Zuszaga, MD, MBA
Cleveland, OH


Joseph Alcaley, MD
Tel Aviv, Isreal

Koenraad De Boulle, MD
Aalst, Belgium

Hassan I. Galadari, MD
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sahar F. Ghannam, MD, PhD

Boon Kee Goh, MRCP (UK), FAMS

Aditya K. Gupta, MD
London, Ontario, Canada

Koushik Lahiri, MBBS, DVD
Kolkata, India

Marina Landau, MD
Herzila Pitauch, Israel

Moshe Lapidoth, MD
Petah Tikva, Israel

Leonardo Marini, MD
Trieste, Italy

Nawaf Al-Mutairi, MD

Blanca Marla Piraccini, MD
Bologna, Italy

Jean Revus, MD
Paris, France

Marco Romanelli, MD, PhD
Pisa, Italy

Luigi Rusciani, MD
Rome, Italy

M. Emily Plansay-Soriano, MD

Antonio Picoto, MD

Rashmi Sarkar, MD
Noida, India

Gerhard Satler, MD

Jerry K. L. Tan, MD
Windsor, Ontario, Canada