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Safety and Effectiveness of an Automated Microneedling Device in Improving the Signs of Aging Skin

J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2018;11(8):29–34 by Glynis Ablon, MD, FAAD Dr. Ablon is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California in Los Angeles, California.  Funding: No funding was provided. Disclosures: The author has no conflicts of interest relevant to the content of this article.  Abstract: Objective. The purpose of this study was to evaluate


Oxygeneo®—A Unique Three-in-one Treatment of Exfoliation, Infusion, and Oxygenation via the Bohr Effect and TriPollar™ Radiofrequency for Skin Rejuvenation

by DeAnna Diaz, MS; Metavee Boonsiri, MD; Joyce Okawa, RN, MBE; Denise Dekranes, RN; and Chérie M. Ditre, MD Dr. Ditre is the Director of the Skin Enhancement Center and Associate Professor of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and practices at Penn Medicine in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Dr. Diaz is a first year medical


The Asian Problem of Frequent Laser Toning for Melasma

by Brian Tian, MBBS, MRCS, Dip Derm Dr. Tian is with Singapore General Hospital in Singapore. J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2017;10(7):40–42 Funding: No funding was provided for this study. Disclosures: The author has no conflicts of interest relevant to the content of this article. Keywords: Laser toning, laser facial, depigmentation, leucoderma punctata, Q-switched 1,064 nm


Human Growth Factor Cream and Hyaluronic Acid Serum in Conjunction with Micro Laser Peel: An Efficient Regimen for Skin Rejuvenation

Michael H. Gold, MD, Gold Skin Care Center, Nashville, Tennessee, Tennessee Clinical Research Center, Nashville, Tennessee; Bruce E. Katz, MD, Juva Skin & Laser Center, New York, New York; Joel L. Cohen, MD, AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery, Englewood, Colorado; Julie Biron, Tennessee Clinical Research Center, Nashville, Tennessee