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Pan-Asian Consensus— Key Recommendations for Adapting the World Congress of Dermatology Consensus on Combination Treatment with Injectable Fillers, Toxins, and Ultrasound Devices in Asian Patients

by Yates Y.Y. Chao, MD; Chiranjiv Chhabra, MBBS, DVD; Niamh Corduff, MBBS, FRACS; Sabrina Guillen FABI, MD; Martina Kerscher, MD; Stephanie C.K. Lam, MBChB; Tatjana Pavicic, MD; Berthold Rzany, MD, ScM; Peter H.L. Peng, MD; Atchima Suwanchinda, MD; Fang-Wen Tseng, MD; and Kyle K. Seo, MD, PhD Dr. Chao is with Chao and Chiu Institute


Treatment of Freckles Using a Fractional Nonablative 2940nm Erb:YAG Laser in a Series of Asian Patients

by Brian Tian, MBBS, Dip Derm Dr. Tian is with Singapore General Hospital, Singapore. J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2017;10(8):28–30 Funding: No funding was provided for this study. Disclosures: The author has no conflicts of interest relevant to the contents of this article. Keywords: Ephelides, freckles, Asian, Erb:YAG, erbium Abstract: Objective. The purpose of this study was