Editorial Message from Guest Editor Pam J. Schell, PsyD, MSN, ARNP, DNC

Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to the inaugural April 2020 edition of NP+PA Perspectives in Dermatology, an ongoing, quarterly supplement series to The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology (JCAD). NP+PA Perspectives has been created to recognize the important role NPs and PAs play in the field of dermatology. The editors and publishers of NP+PA Perspectives believe the contributions made by NPs and PAs to ongoing research efforts are vital to advancing the field of dermatologic medicine. And we believe these contributions should be published, indexed, and made available in public-access format to the full medical community. With this in mind, colleagues, I’d like to point out that submissions to NP+PA Perspectives do not require first authors to hold MD, DO, or PhD degrees, as is often the case for journals that primarily serve physician audiences (including JCAD). We do require that first authors, at minimum, hold an NP or PA degree and be board-certified by a nationally recognized board certifying agency. 

The NP+PA Perspectives quarterly journal will be published as a supplement to the April, June, September, and December issues of JCAD, and original contributions published herein will be indexed by PubMed Central, Embase, Scopus, and CINAHL Plus under the JCAD title. Original content will also be published on JCAD’s website, designated as part of the NP+PA Perspectives series, which is publically accessible for free. Additionally, each full issue of NP+PA Perspectives will be distributed as an e-Edition (a digital replica of the printed piece), which will be emailed to our JCAD email subscribers, as well as promoted via social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. LinkedIn). 

On behalf of the editors and publishers of NP+PA Perspectives, I would like to invite you, NP and PA colleagues, to consider submitting original research, reviews, case reports, letters, or commentaries to NP+PA Perspectives for consideration of publication. All original submissions will undergo peer review. (Please see the Author Guidelines on page 47 for more detailed information on the types of articles that will be considered, as well as formatting and submission instructions). 

And if you are interested in serving on the NP+PA Perspectives Editorial Advisory Board or as a peer reviewer, please send your CV to the Executive Editor of NP+PA Perspectives, Elizabeth Klumpp (eklumpp@matrixmedcom.com). 

Now I’d like to introduce the first issue of NP+PA Perspectives in Dermatology. We are please to include an original submission by Johnson et al, titled, “Managing Rosacea in the Clinic: From Pathophysiology to Treatment—A Review of the Literature.” Here, the authors review the recent changes in rosacea management and provide discussion on the relevant medical literature, complemented by their own clinical expertise.

Next, in an article by Gorelick et al, titled, “Understanding Treatment Preferences in Patients with Moderate-to-severe Plaque Psoriasis in the United States: Results from a Cross-Sectional Patient Survey,” the authors present the results of an online survey that queried 500 adult patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis in the United States (US), in an effort to better understand patient perspective on the burden of the disease and its impact on quality of life. The authors present the results of their descriptive and multivariate analyses, which examined the factors that predict treatment goals. The authors highlight the importance of considering patient perspectives when developing individual treatment plans to ensure optimal outcomes.

We are also pleased to include an article by Nestor et al that was originally published in the January 2020 issue of JCAD titled, “Rethinking the Journal Impact Factor and Publishing in the Digital Age.” While this article doesn’t topically relate to clinical practice, it does provide an interesting perspective on certain aspects of medical publishing that seasoned and emerging authors alike in the medical field should find enlightening. 

Don’t miss our Meeting Highlights article, which summarizes selected poster presentations from the Maui Derm 2019 NP+PA Summer and Fall conferences; this issue’s Journal Watch, which provides abstract summaries of pertinent, recently published dermatology research; and the Spotlight Interview, of which I am honored to be a part.

We hope you enjoy this inaugural issue of NP+PA Perspectives in Dermatology as much as we did putting it together. We look forward to hearing feedback and we welcome your submissions. 

Warm regards,

Pamela J. Schell

Guest Editor

Pam J. Schell, PsyD, MSN, ARNP, DNC, is the director of Werschler Aesthetics, a full-service medical spa located in Spokane, Washington.