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Evaluating the Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of the Combination of Tazarotene, Azelaic Acid, Tacrolimus, and Zinc Oxide for the Treatment of Melasma: A Pilot Study

 J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2019;12(5)40–45 by Brandon Kirsch, MD; Paul M. Hoesly, MD; Anokhi Jambusaria, MD, MSCE; Michael G. Heckman, MS; Nancy N. Diehl, MS; and Jason C. Sluzevich, MD Drs. Kirsch (at the time of this study), Hoesly (at the time of this study), and Sluzevich are with the Department of Dermatology at the


Patterns of Over-the-counter Lightening Agent Use among Patients with Hyperpigmentation Disorders: A United States-based Cohort Study

by Dana S. Saade, MD; Mayra B.C. Maymone, MD, DSc; Eric A. Secemsky, MD, MSc; Kevin F. Kennedy, MSc; and Neelam A. Vashi, MD Drs. Saade, Maymone, and Vashi are with the Department of Dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Secemsky is with the Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General


Dual Effect of Photobiomodulation on Melasma: Downregulation of Hyperpigmentation and Enhanced Solar Resistance—A Pilot Study

by Daniel Barolet, MD, FRCPC Dr. Barolet is with the Department of Medicine, Dermatology Division, McGill University in Montreal, Québec, Canada, and with the RoseLab Skin Optics Laboratory in Laval, Canada. Funding: No funding was provided for this article. Disclosures: The author has no conflicts of interest relevant to the content of this article. Abstract:


Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Polypodium Leucotomos Extract in the Treatment of Melasma in Asian Skin: A Pilot Study

by Chee-Leok Goh, MD, MBBS, MRCP(UK), MMed(Int Med); Sai Yee Chuah, MBChB (Glasgow), MRCP(UK), Dip Derm, MRCPS (Glasgow); Steven Tien, MD; Guan Thng, MBBS, MRCP; María Alejandra Vitale, MD; and Arancha Delgado-Rubin, PhD Drs. Goh, Chuah, and Thng are with the National Skin Centre in Singapore. Drs. Vitale and Delgado are with the R&D Department