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Letter to the Editor: Commentary on Botulinum Toxin Injections: A Call for Improved Accuracy

Dear Editor: No other single medical product has revolutionized and quite literally defined the aesthetic medicine field like botulinum toxin injections.1–5 Every year, a growing number of patients experience the cosmetic benefits of neurotoxin products as indications for use expand and new formulations are introduced into the marketplace.6 The vast clinical experience gained over the


Letter to the Editor: A Challenging Case of Cavernous Hemangioma of the Face Treated with the Combination of Cryotherapy, Laser, and Dermatosurgery

Dear Editor: Hemangioma is a common term to describe a benign proliferative lesion of vascular tissue origin that can be present either at birth or appear during childhood.1 Hemangiomas are developmental vascular abnormalities characterized by a proliferative growth phase and a very slow, inevitable regression (involutive phase). They are histologically classified into capillary and cavernous