NP+PA Perspectives in Dermatology: March 2023

J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2023;16(3 Suppl 1)

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NP+PA Perspectives in Dermatology: March 2023

The Psoriasis Decision Tree
by George Monks, MD; Ryan Rivera-Oyola, MS; Mark Lebwohl, MD

Anthralin’s Applicability in the Treatment of Pediatric Alopecia Areata
by Rohan R. Shah, BA; Zaeem Nazar, MD; Alyssa Swearingen, BS; Nadia Waqas, MD; Shawana Sharif, MD; and Babar Rao, MD

Lymphatic Vessel Morphometry: Is It a Predictor for Aggressive Basal Cell Carcinoma?
by Nourhan Anis, MD; Nagwa Diab, MD; Magda Assaf, MD; Ahmed Soliman, MD; and Eman Salah, MD