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Welcome to the JCAD Aesthetic Complications Guidelines by The Aesthetic Complications Expert (ACE) Group, which has developed evidence-based, peer reviewed guidelines to cover the majority of complications that can occur in nonsurgical aesthetic practice. The objective of this new series is to help dermatologists and other physicians performing aesthetic procedures identify and manage complications.

• There are currently 14 Aesthetic Complication Guidelines and every guideline has been produced after a vast literature review by leading experts in the United Kingdom.
• We hope these guidelines will help raise standards within the industry and ensure early diagnosis, appropriate management, and improved outcomes for patients who suffer from complications.
• Visit to download the guidelines. For reprints, please contact

Online-Only Exclusives—

July 2018

Management of Necrosis
Martyn King, MD

June 2018

The Use of Hyaluronidase in Aesthetic Practice
Martyn King, MD, Cormac Convery, MD, and Emma Davies, RN, NIP

May 2018

Visual Loss Secondary to Cosmetic Filler Injection
Lee Walker, MD and Martyn King, MD

April 2018

ACE Emergency Kit v1.2
Martyn King, MD

April 2017

Microsclerotherapy Complications
Stephen Tristram, MD

Managing Expectations Associated with Cosmetic Interventions
Sam J Robson, MB, ChB, MRCGP

March 2017

Management of Sharps Injuries or Splash Incidents
Sharon King, RN, NIP

Emma Davies RN, NIP

February 2017

The Management of Bruising following Nonsurgical Cosmetic Treatment
Martyn King, MD

Management of Acute Skin Infections
Emma Davies RN, NIP, and Martyn King, MD

January 2017

Management of Edema
Martyn King, MD

Prophylaxis and Treatment of Herpetic Infections
Martyn King, MD

December 2016

Management of Ptosis
Martyn King, MD

Blindness After Facial Injection
Askari Townshend, MD

November 2016

Management of Delayed Onset Nodules
Martyn King, MD; Stephen Bassett, MD; Emma Davies, RN, NIP; Sharon King, RN, NIP

Management of Tyndall Effect
Martyn King, MD